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Connect job seekers to meaningful work

It can be very challenging and time consuming to connect job seekers to meaningful work, relevant to each individual's life situation, needs and their abilities.

MatchWork's platform for nonprofits, enables job seekers to find jobs tailored to their specific life situation and skills.

How it Works for nonprofit employment services

Job matches based on what is important to job seekers.

Easily manage clients and their information securely. Reduce manual data entry& simplify your intake process for your job seeking clients.

Get easy to understand inisghts and visualized data on your job seeking clients.

How it Works for Job Seekers

Get job recommendations and matches based on what is most important to you

Get your Work Profile and clarity about what is important to you from the work you do

Pick the plan that works your team

Small Teams
1 - 3 coaches


1 - 3 employment coaches
Upto 100 job seekers/year
$20/job seeker after the first 100 job seekers
Medium Teams
4 - 10 coaches


4 -10 employment coaches
Upto 500 job seekers
$10/job seeker after the first 500 job seekers
Large Teams
10+ coaches


More than 10 employment coaches
Unlimited job seekers
Advanced analytics

Is MatchWork right for your nonprofit org?

“We have really enjoyed working with MatchWork over the past 14 months. They have worked with us to adapt to the many challenges of 2020 so that we could continue connecting with job seekers virtually.” 

Matthew Taylor

United Way

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How does MatchWork compare to our current tools?

Social Solutions: Apricot, Efforts To Outcomes (ETO), Penelope (General Case Management) 

In short, Social Solutions is focused on general case management and can be used by your entire organization.
MatchWork is focused on employment serving teams and would complement Social Solution's tools. MatchWork would augment Social Solution's tools.

Basecamp (Teams Focused) 

Basecamp is fantastic for teams in general but doesn't have job & employment related tools for nonprofits.

MatchWork has many of the same features and adds job search tools and benefits, both for employment serving teams and for the job seekers your work with. MatchWork can cost more depending on your team's size. 

 How it helps Employment Specialists & 
Job Developers

Job seekers get matched to jobs based on their individual needs and goals.

See where you can focus your team to best support your clients. Clearly share outcomes backed by data with stakeholders and grow your funding.

With our discovery process and conversational chat tool, your team is fully equipped to better understand each client. 

Easily manage you clients' information. Stay up to date with your clients and their job search journey.

The process is 100% paperless and you can simply upload the digital copies of any required documents. We won’t bother you with too many documents either.

There are millions of job search resources & sites on the web. Finding what is helpful can be daunting.This is why we created Jobify. Jobify is a free, smart chatbot who understands what you need.

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Let's change their story.
Let's change the world,
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