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The platform nonprofits use to help
 job seekers

MatchWork's platform for nonprofits, enables job seekers to find jobs tailored to their specific life situation and skills.

How it Works for nonprofit employment services

Job matches: Based on what is important to job seekers.

Applicant tracking: Easily manage clients and their information securely. Reduce manual data entry& simplify your intake process for your job seeking clients.

Data & insights: Get easy to understand inisghts and visualized data on your job seeking clients.

How it Works for Job Seekers

Get job recommendations and matches based on what is most important to you

Get your Work Profile and clarity about what is important to you from the work you do

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“It's much more efficient. I think that fills gaps that in the past we weren't able to collect, or we just didn't know how to collect it. The investment of the software has a value beyond what people assume it is. There really is two, two pieces to it. It's the level of satisfaction, but also the understanding that people gain about themselves.”  

Laurie Hauer

Senior Manager,
Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN)

“We have really enjoyed working with MatchWork over the past 14 months. They have worked with us to adapt to the many challenges of 2020 so that we could continue connecting with job seekers virtually.” 

Matthew Taylor

United Way 

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Try the interactive demo to see how it works 

Case Studies

EMCN: Connecting newcomers & Refugees to work

EMCN has become the go to nonprofit organization for new immigrants and refugees in Edmonton, Canada. Each year, they work with over 1,200 job seeking clients from over 100 different countries. 

With a large and growing number of job seeking clients, they needed to find a way to scale up their employment services without a massive increase in operational and staff costs.


Communities United: Getting people out of poverty through work

Communities United, a network of 16 community & nonprofit organizations, is building connections to strengthen the lives of individuals & families. This work is funded by the United Way, Edmonton Community Foundation & the City of Edmonton. 

With a small team, they needed a platform that would help them connect with job seekers, get clear information on their needs and help them create a workforce profile about the population they would be working with. 

Rupertsland Institute: Employment services

Rupertsland Institute works with over 400 job seeking Metis job seekers in over 10 locations across Alberta.

They had built their own CRM software platform to have electronic records for each job seeker but they still had to manually search for jobs for their clients. This was not scalable.

See how they solved this through

University of Alberta & Caregivers Alberta: Unpaid caregives & meaningful work

The University of Alberta is sharing years of study findings with Caregivers Alberta and MyMatchWork, an Edmonton tech startup, to help carers find meaningful work.

​Together they’re creating a new module geared to the needs of working carers for MyMatchWork, whose cloud-based software platform already includes technology to identify work opportunities and connect other marginalized groups experiencing barriers to work.

Recommended by nonprofits

Don’t take our word. Our platform has been reviewed & rated as one the top platforms for employment services of the year.

"Having data to inform programming decisions, highlight potential opportunities, and better support job seekers made a big difference in our work and is something that we want to promote in the non-profit sector. MatchWork enabled us to better understand who we were working with and how to support them more effectively."

"MatchWork is easy to use, which is a huge plus when working with newcomers and immigrants, but even more so, the software touches on areas of "fit" in the Canadian labour market that most newcomers and immigrants are new to understanding."

"I have never had a program dedicated to youth related job searching. I like the concept of the program. I have not had a ton of experience with it but I am excited to use it.Lots of good profile questions. If you're an adult looking for work, there's more employment opportunities."

Pick the plan that works for your team 

Up to 50 job seekers/year


Up to 50 job seekers annually
Free Individual Work Profile
Applicant tracking board
Aggregated data & insights on your job seeking clients
Export your data when you want to
Job matches
Advanced analytics
3 - 10 staff
Up to 500 job seekers/year
Annual Pricing

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Everything in Free plus
Up to 500 job seekers annually
Job matches 
Aggregated data & insights on your clients
Secure data and document management
Job Seeker Data & Analytics
10 + coaches
Unlimited job seekers
Annual Pricing

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Everything in the Silver Tier plus
More than 10 staff
Unlimited job seekers
Aggregated data & insights on your job seeking clients
Applicant Tracking System to manage your job seeking clients
Secure data and document management
Advanced analytics

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